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Tony flynn

Catch Tony Flynn in the gripping series BLUE LIGHTS Season Two on BBC One

Saga Spjuth Säll

Saga Spjuth Säll is starring in the feature SALTBURN by the Academy Award Winning Emerald Fennell.

Mohammed Mostafa

Mohammed Mostafa stars in TV series KHATTAFF, which follows an Emirati MMA fighter’s unlikely rise through Asia’s underground fighting scene

Saabeah Theos

Saabeah Theos will be starring in THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ on Sky

Terry Burns

Terry Burns is setting sail on the UK Tour of TREASURE ISLAND, a swashbuckling pantomime touring in Spring and Summer

Tamer Hassan

Tamer Hassan will be starring in A MOTHER FOR AN HOUR opposite Asia Argento, Frances Barber and Laura Whitmore 

Cáilum Carragher

Cáilum Carragher will be appearing in SHOWTRIAL Season 2, a gripping crime drama on BBC One

Fèyi Wey

Fèyi Wey stars as Rhonda in AMERICAN ROAD TRIP, a hilarious comedy movie

Hannah Oluwatoyosi Omisore

Hannah Oluwatoyosi Omisore stars as Matilda in the pay IN EVERGLADE STUDIO at the Hope Theatre 

Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson appears in Sky Original romantic comedy THE LOVERS

Arron Blake

Arron Blake has written and starred in the hilarious pilot DEAD, a mockumentary set in a funeral home

Cáilum Carragher

Cáilum Carragher appears in SAY NOTHING on FX, the story of a notorious abduction and murder in the height of Northern Ireland’s sectarian conflict

Neal Ward

Neal has recently finished filming on Season Three of the action crime thriller GANGS OF LONDON for Sky

Hannah Al Rashid

Hannah Al Rashid stars in the Indonesian version of the hilarious series CALL MY AGENT, streaming on Disney

Simon Davies

Simon Davies features in Season 4 of Netflix's hit show YOU starring Penn Badgley

Rebecka Kristina-Johnston

Don't miss Rebecka Kristina-Johnston in FBI: INTERNATIONAL on CBS

Cailum Carragher

Cailum was recently seen on the BBC One NI crime drama series HOPE STREET as a guest star

Saga Spjuth Säll

So exciting that Saga's short film SÄGEN has been selected for the British International Film Festival and the Cannes World Film Festival. Well done

Paul Garner

Catch Paul in the satirical political docudrama PARTYGATE on Channel Four

Richard Bobb-Semple

Richard can be seen in the recent brilliant Yoto Mini campaign. Look out for Grandpa Bobb-Semple on your screens

Adi Alfa

Adi Alfa will next be seen in a six part drama series set in Liverpool THE GATHERING on Channel 4

Armin Amiri

Don't miss the brilliant Armin Amiri in Season Two of AND JUST LIKE THAT streaming now on Sky and Max

Nicklas Kingo

Congratulations to Nicklas Kingo who is appearing in the latest season of FBI INTERNATIONAL

Felix Edwards

Don't miss the brilliant Felix Edwards in CASUALTY. Amazing guest appearance in his first TV role on BBC One

Issy Stewart

The brilliant Issy Stewart returns, reprising her recurring role of Louise Pembroke in highly acclaimed CARNIVAL ROW SEASON TWO. A must watch second season to the hugely successful Amazon prime series

Philips Nortey

Ready for a history lesson on African royalty? Check out Philips Nortey in AFRICAN QUEENS on Netflix

Vanessa White-Smith

Catch our wonderful client Vanessa White-Smith in LOCKWOOD & CO on Netflix

Mohammed Mostafa

So proud of Mohammed Mostafa on his next project, HIJACK, coming to Apple TV June 28th

Adi Alfa

Adi Alfa's short film SURPRISE has recently been selected at BUFF, a BFI and BAFTA qualifying festival. Very exciting

Nicolette McKeown

Congratulations to Nicolette McKeown on her first screening of MERCY FALLS

Buki Bimbi-Philips

Well done to Buki Bimbi-Philips who will be playing the role of Fareeda in IN HIDING at Tower Theatre

Colette Zacca

Colette Zacca will be starring in Series three of ANDY AND THE BAND coming out soon on BBC iPlayer

Holly Loveday

Recently announced that Holly Loveday will be starring in THE SECRET FOLK SINGER

Liam Millard

Catch up on Liam Millard in DOCTORS on BBC iPlayer

Paul Garner

Catch Paul Garner in episode 3 of the latest series of UNFORGOTTEN on ITVX

Alan Wai

Catch Alan Wai in THOUGHT VIRUS at Drayton Arms Theatre from 26th - 30th September. Written by Peter Barnet and Directed by Jason Moore. Book your tickets here

Funda Rosenland

Funda starred in the wonderful ARARAT which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival

Marta Castellvi

Marta Castellvi has been cast as a Series Regular in THE ENVOYS on Paramount plus

Nicklas Kingo

The wonderful Nicklas Kingo is currently starring in THE PENTRAVATE opposite MIke Myers streaming now on Netflix

John Lomas

John Lomas stars in THE FENCE, a retro drama following council estate kids in Bristol

Veronica Jean Trickett

Veronica Jean Trickett leads the award winning film SIX YEARS GONE now available on Amazon Prime. She is astonishing as a mother in search of her kidnapped daughter. A must watch

Nathen East


Richard Bobb-Semple

Richard Bobb-Semple can be seen as the estranged father in the recently released single POPCORN AND A SMOOTHIE by the hugely talented Victor Ray. The beautifully emotional song can be seen here

Armin Amiri

Don't miss Armin Amiri in the International Emmy Award nominated ON THE VERGE on Netflix